Power of brain, body,
and heart !

Using authentic Japanese educational method by creating a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment, empowering children to become responsible and independent. Which ultimately prepares them for the challenges of adulthood.

We aim to:

1) Make the children able to do what they think they are unable to do.

Nursery teachers have professionalism and responsibility to make the children able to do what they are unable to do.

2) Follow to each individual's ability.

Each child has a different level, so the teachers will attend to each child and suggest their appropriate level, helping them reach the same goal (such as be able to do 3 steps of jump box, , etc.) until they graduate.

3) Be responsible for the future of the child.

Teachers will follow up after the children graduate to see how they are doing in their school life, whether or not there are problems, etc. The teacher will continually watches over the growth of the children whom they were involved in to see their progress as their life develops. We Care!

4) Gathering of daily success experiences.

Gathering of daily small success experiences make the children have confidence and self-affirmation useful to when they face any hurdles in life as they grow up. They already have enough wisdom, knowledge, and patience to get over the difficulties because they know they can get over it by themselves. As their childhood experience taught them that through teaching them the real meaning of “independence”

5) Teamwork, public speaking and creativity skills.

Children will be able to develop teamwork and public speaking, imagination and creativity skills through; sports, acting, art, storytelling, etc.

" Our educational concept is based on three pillars that support and lead to independence of the child; which are: Power of the brain, the body, and the heart. "

1. Brain – Cognitive thinking (recognition)

Through reading, writing, and calculating, fostering the ability to learn by themselves, nurturing the ability to learn the wisdom of living from natural experiences and friendships. By doing so, they acquire the ability to combine understanding, thinking, and insight.

2. Body – Durable body (physical strength)

Focusing on running power, swimming flexibility, gymnastics, and
nurturing exercise capacity that is helpful throughout their lifetime.
It stimulates the cerebellum and enhances motor nerves.

3. Heart – Rich sensibilities (inner strength)

Even during time of struggle, children are taught to nurture a heart that never gives up while respecting their parents and how to be kind to other. Through music, drawing, playing, we raise the heart that loves the rich sensibilities and preciousness of life and peace.

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