Prepare your little one to take on the world.

We’re a nursery for all children in Abu Dhabi! We teach with an authentic Japanese Educational Method. It is famous for its success in creating strong, independent, polite, and outgoing children ready to take on the world as they get older.

  • All-inclusive nursery for children between 45 days and 4 years.
  • Flexible timings to support Abu Dhabi’s working parents.
  • Help your child become kind and outgoing.
  • Build strong foundations for a lifelong love of learning.

About the Japanese Summer Colors Nursery.

Our authentic Japanese educational method is based on 3 pillars: Power of Brain, Body, and Heart.

Combining these methods, we empower children to grow as independent, respectful of others, and confident in their own ability to achieve what they dream through hard work.

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Check out the Method

The Japanese Educational Method is a method
that teaches children through their language
for optimal growth.

The 3 Pillars

The Three Pillars that will create the foundation preparing them for life their ahead.

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